ACRO  introduces the “VA Patient Care Initiative”

The purpose of ACRO’s VA Patient Care Initiative is to help radiation oncology practices across the country support the Veterans Administration HealthCare System’s effort to care for the radiation oncology needs of our Veterans.

Congress has created and funded two programs whose purpose is to assist the VA in enhancing access to specialty medical care, including all aspects of cancer care, and providing that care closer to the patients home demographic.

 What is required to qualify to support veteran patients?

In order for a VA patient to be treated with radiation therapy outside of the VA operated facilities the practice must be accredited.

How can ACRO Accreditation help?

By choosing ACRO Accreditation, practices receive added value with a VA business development service that will:

  • Educate the practice administrators and practice physicians how to obtain referrals from the VA HealthCare System for patients in need of radiation therapy.
  • Educate the practice administrators and staff how to obtain pre-authorizations to treat PC(3) and VA patient choice patients.
  • Educate the practice administrators and staff how to bill and collect for services provided to VA patient choice and PC(3) patients .
  • Monitor patient referrals from VA HealthNet and TriWest in order to enhance patient throughput.

The ACRO accredited practices will be registered and credentialed by HealthNet and TriWest, which will qualify them to receive VA patient referrals for the facility.

As a result, VA patients can obtain enhanced access to radiation treatments, be treated closer to home, and the ACRO accredited practice will financially benefit by converting excess capacity into new revenue generation opportunities.

For more information please contact Greg Mercurio, Jr. at or at (401) 255-7800.