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General Radiation Oncology Resources
The goal of theMednet is to facilitate dialogue among physicians on common clinical questions and practice patterns. More specifically the aim is to share this knowledge between physicians at academic institutions and those in private practice and community hospitals. serves as a platform for physicians to share those variations and have the best practices recognized by our peers.

e-Anatomy is a fantastic radiology reference with imaging (CT, MRI) annotated with anatomical structures that are easily searchable. Unfortunately the site does requires a subscription ($74.99 per year).

NCCN provides an expert consensus on general treatment guidelines for each major disease site, including an informative background information with references for each site. The level of detail regarding radiation therapy guidelines varies by disease site but serves as a useful general reference. Registration is required by free.

Radiation Oncology Wiki
The WikiBook format was developed to provide easy access to information that is more up-to-date than standard textbooks. This textbook is meant to be used by residents, medical students, and practicing physicians in radiation oncology.


  • – a new interactive web-based contouring reference that currently includes H&N, gyn and lymphoma cases. This was developed thanks to the ACRO Resident Committee Educational Grant.
  • RTOG Contouring Atlases

Grants for Radiation Oncology Residents


iPhone/Android Apps

Other Resources
A forum for residents, medical student and attendings to discuss topics concerning radiation oncology.