Resident Scholarship Subcommittee

In order to ensure that ACRO’s Residents get the most out of their residency training, the ACRO Resident Committee offers several scholarships and grants over each calendar year to help fund research to be presented at the Annual Meeting, develop educational tools (such as, fund away rotations at the Heidelberg Ion Therapy Center in Germany, and other potential opportunities.

ACRO members will receive application materials via email in advance of each scholarship submission period. Information on each individual scholarship and prior winners are available by clicking below.

Available Scholarships:
Seed Grants (July)
Educational Grants (November)
Heidelberg Ion Therapy (December)
Global Radiation Oncology Workforce (GROW) Scholarship for Radiating Hope (February)

The ACRO Resident Subcommittee Member organizing scholarships for the 2016-2018 period is Virginia Osborn. Please contact Shannon Sperati at or call (301) 718-6513 and you will be connected with her.