ACRO Mentorship Program

ACRO’s Mentorship Program provides a unique opportunity for medical students, residents and attending Radiation Oncologists from around the country to be matched together. If you’re interested in getting involved, please fill out our online form. This questionnaire helps our team better understand your personal interests and goals in a mentorship relationship. Based on these responses, mentors and mentees may be paired based on any number of commonalities – academics, private practice, disease site, treatment techniques, geography, or any other shared passion. Once assigned, we will facilitate arranging a one-on-one meeting at the annual ASTRO and ACRO conferences for the mentor and mentee. We believe these relationships are mutually beneficial and allow for an important dialogue between trainees and practitioners. For residents in particular, it provides a means to ask questions, find new research initiatives, or simply network beyond the reach of their home institution.

Hear From Some of Our Mentors and Mentees

I got involved with ACRO in my first year of residency, and the organizational culture of mentorship attracted my very much. I got involved with ACRO resident committee and had the honor of working as the chair of mentorship subcommittee. I worked with medical students, residents, new practitioners and experienced physicians to arrange 1 to 1 mentorship. Personally, I had 2 mentors over these years, who have helped me a lot with career guidance. I keep my connections with my mentors over the emails or phone calls over the years. Overall, it was a great experience to get involved with ACRO mentorship program. I will strongly encourage medical students and residents to get involved.

Toms Vengaloor Thomas, MD
Chief Resident
Dept of Radiation Oncology
University of Mississippi Medical Center


As a former ACRO Mentee and now an ACRO mentor, I know how valuable this is to both the mentor and the mentee. No matter what sector you’re in, you have important things to share and important things to learn. The connections you make in ACRO can have a profoundly positive influence on your growth as a mentor and as a mentee- mentorship can go both ways! As an ACRO mentor now, it gives me so much joy to connect with our next generation. Working with residents keeps you on your toes and gives you an entirely different perspective!

Brandi Page, MD
Assistant Professor – Radiation Oncology and Molecular Sciences
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine


The ACRO mentorship program has connected me to dynamic, energetic, and connected mentees and mentors. The relationships I’ve built through this program have helped me tremendously. I love the ACRO mentorship program and would strongly recommend my fellow rad oncs participate in it!

Parul Barry, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor
UPMC Hillman Cancer Center

If you are a trainee or early career Radiation Oncologist interested in being paired with a mentor, or a more experienced ACRO member willing to volunteer to become a mentor,  please fill out this online application form.