Resident Heidelberg Ion Therapy (HIT) Scholarship

The American College of Radiation Oncology (ACRO) in collaboration with Heidelberg University Hospital, Heidelberg Ion Therapy Center (HIT), and the ACRO Resident Committee have offered a unique opportunity for a 1-month international elective rotation at the Heidelberg Ion Therapy center in Heidelberg, Germany.

Heidelberg University Hospital has long been a leader in advancements in clinical, physics, and radiobiological research. The HIT itself is a world class ion therapy center originally opened in 2009 that is one of very few centers in the world treating patients with both proton and carbon therapy. The HIT treats a diverse group of patients from Germany, elsewhere in Europe, and around the world. These patients often arrive at the HIT with radioresistant tumor histologies, locally advanced tumors, and/or tumors adjacent to radiosensitive critical structures in the CNS, head & neck, and pelvis. Additionally, a large cohort of pediatric patients is treated at HIT with a variety of rare malignancies. This rotation is an excellent opportunity to gain familiarity with proton/carbon treatment, complex and rare tumors/sites, and a distinctive healthcare system outside of the United States.

Scholarship Details

ACRO provides two $2,000 travel grants for radiation oncology residents or young practitioners for a 1-month elective at the HIT in Heidelberg, Germany. An additional $500 grant may be provided by industry for selected participants to present their international experience at the ACRO annual conference.


ACRO membership: All applicants must be members of the ACRO community. Applications for membership can be found at Applicants must provide a letter of support from the program director of the resident’s institution. For residents, this letter must indicate that the department supports and approves time away to the destination program, clinic, or institution as well as to the ACRO Annual Meeting. In the case of new practitioners, a letter of support from the individual’s former program director/chairman (or current chairman if at an academic institution) will be required. The planned dates of travel must occur while the applicant remains an active resident or during the first three years upon completion of residency. Further details are be provided within application materials.

The application form will be available on this page by early January 2020.

Prior Winners

2019: Rohit Gunan Ganju, MD, Univ. of Kansas

2019: Matthew Susko, MD, UCSF

2018: Benjamin Farnia, MD

2018: Jacqueline Kelly, MD

2016: William Tristram Arscott, MD

2016: Samuel Marcrom, MD

2015: Michael Repka, MD

2015: Vivek Verma, MD