Resident GROW Scholarship


Global Radiation Oncology Workforce (GROW) Scholarships

To broaden awareness and support for cancer education and treatment in developing countries, the American College of Radiation Oncology (ACRO) Board of Chancellors and supporters of the College have dedicated funding to enable international travel to assist in radiation oncology related outreach. In collaboration with and the ACRO Global Health subcommittee, the ACRO Resident Subcommittee offers an opportunity for residents and young physicians to rotate in a developing country with an expert in the field.

Scholarship Details

Previously, three $2,000 scholarships have been awarded to support such opportunities. ACRO provides individual travel grants for radiation oncology residents or young practitioners. The scholarship can be used for a trip organized individually or the annual trip through Radiating Hope, though the latter is preferred. The funds of the 2016 award winners were used towards travel to Tanzania where participants rotated at the cancer center in Bugando, Tanzania. Activities included clinical work and outreach at the radiation center in Bugando, attendance at the Greater Horn Oncology Symposium, and for some a climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro. More information on Radiating Hope, including radiation sites and climbing trips throughout the world can be found on their website:


Applicants should be driven to provide meaningful outreach and humanitarian support to the destination program, clinic, or institution and are required to work with Radiating Hope ( on a project that will advance cancer care in the designated country. Further details are be provided within application materials.


Applications are now closed

Prior Winners

2016: Shefali Gajjar, MD

2016: Chika Nwachukwu, MD, PhD

2016: Adam Olson, MD

2015: Sanjay Maraboyina, MD

2015: Debra Yeboa, MD

2015: Michael Scott, MD