Resident GROW Scholarship


Global Radiation Oncology Workforce (GROW) Scholarships


To broaden awareness and support for cancer education and treatment in developing countries, the ACRO Board of Chancellors and supporters of the College have dedicated funding to enable international travel to assist in radiation oncology related outreach.

We encourage applicants who are interested in clinical rotations in developing countries, particularly to observe variations in patient care and resource utilization. New this year, we have several contacts available to help streamline the process of getting involved in a clinical rotation abroad. These include opportunities in Botswana, India, Mexico, and Costa Rica, however applicants are also welcome to propose additional locations.

Scholarship Details

  • ACRO will provide three $2,000 per travel grant for radiation oncology trainees for an elective in a developing country.
  • The cost of travel and lodging may exceed the scholarship amount. In this case, additional expenses will be the responsibility of the scholarship recipient.
  • Travel must last for a minimum of one week (7 days) of dedicated service but may extend up to one month.
    • The dates of travel must occur while the applicant remains an active resident or during the first two years upon completion of residency.
  • Written certification of personal permission to travel internationally by the applicant’s Graduate Medical Education (GME) office AND chairman/program director is required (see details below).
  • For those selected to receive the ACRO GROW Scholarship, proof of individual travel and medical-evacuation insurance are required prior to distribution of funds (see details below).
  • Awardees will provide a written summary with high-resolution photos of their elective rotation for ACRO publications. In addition, awardees will present an account of their experience at the ACRO Annual Meeting following their elective rotation. Recipients must make all arrangements to attend the meeting.
  • Final acceptance and disbursement of funds is subject to review and final approval by ACRO.
  • • Failure to comply with program requirements may be subject to award revocation at the discretion of the ACRO Board of Chancellors and ACRO Resident Committee.


  • ACRO Membership: Applicants must be members of ACRO and in good standing at a US radiation oncology residency or fellowship program. Applications for membership can be found at
  • Applicants should be driven to provide meaningful outreach and humanitarian support to the destination program, clinic, or institution.
    • Applicants interested in the Radiating Hope expedition will be required to work on a collaborative project that will advance cancer care.
  • Submission Requirements: All submissions must include the following:
    • Application Form (below)
    • Applicant’s Curriculum Vitae
    • Personal Statement
    • Letters of Support from:
      • Radiation Oncology program chairman or program director
      • Home institution GME office
      • Destination program, clinic, or institution
  • Submission deadline: The application deadline was March 24, 2020 and additional submissions are not being accepted at this time.
  • Submissions will be assessed and scholarships will be awarded by members of the ACRO Resident Committee with input from the Board of Chancellors as needed.

Documentation Requirements

  • Letters of support:
    • Home Program: The trainee must demonstrate sufficient clinical training, as determined by a letter of support from the program director or chairman of the resident’s institution. Specifically, this letter must also indicate that the department supports and approves time away for the international elective as well as to the ACRO Annual Meeting.
    • GME: The resident should also provide a letter of support from the home institution GME office, ensuring the home institution’s guidelines permit and will facilitate international electives.
    • Foreign destination: A statement of intent must be completed by a sponsor, faculty, or staff member of the destination program, clinic or institution. In the case of international sites partnered with Radiating Hope, this letter of support may be obtained with the assistance of the Radiating Hope organization.

Scholarship Recipient Additional Requirements

  • Travel Insurance: Travel insurance including medical evacuation with “hospital of choice” provision and trip cancelation due to illness/family member emergency must be purchased. Confirmation of travel insurance coverage must be submitted to ACRO prior to distribution of funds.
  • Awardees must sign a waiver releasing ACRO of any liability or responsibility related to or in conjunction with their travel and stay.
  • Travel confirmation: Confirmation of travel reservations must be provided to ACRO at least one month prior to travel.
  • ACRO account of travel experience: Upon return to the United States, recipients will provide high-resolution photos of their experience directly to ACRO. The scholarship recipients will submit a written account of their experience suitable for publication in the ACRO Bulletin, on the ACRO website, and/or other publications as seen fit by ACRO Board of Chancellors.
  • ACRO annual meeting presentation: Scholarship recipients will attend ACRO’s Annual Meeting in the calendar year following their trip to provide an account of their experience during the Resident Symposium, or as directed by the Scientific Program Committee. Scholarship recipients must make all arrangements to attend the annual meeting.
  • Complete W9 form for distribution of funds.