Medical Students and ACRO

ACRO allows 4th Year medical students interested in radiation oncology join the College at no cost. This opens all of ACRO’s benefits to you as a member of the society for radiation oncologists in the US. Membership includes:

  • Mentoring through the ACRO Medical Student Mentorship Program
  • Educational webinars throughout the year​, including lectures geared to medical students
  • Slides and lecture audios from the last several ACRO Annual Meetings & Webinars
  • Online access to the Journal of Radiation Oncology (JRO​)​
  • Opportunities f​or travel grants to the ACRO Annual Meeting
  • And more.

If you are interested in being an ACRO member, fill out our form below:

Turn the form into us by faxing it to (301) 656-0989 or emailing it to


If you are interested in being connected with an ACRO Mentor, fill out our application form:


Check out our webinar on applying for a residency program:


Check out our latest medical student video on excelling at your away rotation in radiation oncology: