About ACRO Residents

The ACRO Resident page is  dedicated to expanding resources for radiation oncology residents. It functions as a gateway to the ACRO resident activities and help bring together online resources for radiation oncology residents.

The ACRO Resident Committee aims to provide:

  • Access to international rotations and funding support through the Global Radiation Oncology Workforce (GROW) scholarship, as well as partnership with Radiating Hope.
  • Awareness of available educational resources, review course opportunities, etc.
  • Informational webinars from leaders in the field regarding issues pertinent to residents.
  • Career mentorship and assistance with the job search by partnering residents with practicing radiation oncologists in academic and private practice at national meetings.
  • Resident-specific symposium at the ACRO Annual Meeting which serves as a more intimate meeting specific to radiation oncology.
  • A welcoming environment to encourage residents to share ideas and engage in activities outside their own institution, even on a national level. Please don’t hesitate to contact any of the members of the committee!


@ACROResident Twitter