Now Accepting Nominations for ACRO Leadership: Deadline September 15

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ACRO is now accepting nominations for positions on its Board of Chancellors.

The College is managed by a volunteer Board of Chancellors elected by the membership and guided by the By-laws. The Board consists of 11 elected Chancellors made up of the Chair, the President (Chair Elect), the Vice-President (President Elect), the Secretary-Treasurer, the three (3) Chairs of select ACRO Standing Committees (Governmental & Economic Affairs Committee, Standards Committee, and Membership Committee), and four (4) At-large members of the Board. The Board meets twice each year, at the Annual Meeting and at a mid-year meeting in October. The Executive Committee meets monthly by telephone conference call.

Elections are held annually prior to the College’s Annual Meeting. Each chancellor serves a 4-year term but not more than two consecutive terms. To be eligible for membership on the Board of Chancellors, the individual must be a duly licensed physician and a radiation oncologist whose principal business is radiation oncology.

If you or someone you know is interested in serving, please submit a letter of interest and curriculum vitae to Delphi Locey. Address your letter to Dr. Eduardo Fernandez, chair of the Nominating Committee.

Nominating Process:
The ACRO nominating committee will meet in late September to prepare a slate of nominees. Not less than 60 days before the Annual Meeting, the Nominating Committee shall mail to the voting ACRO Membership the Committee’s nominations for the Board of Chancellors, which will include nominations for the office of Vice-President, and for open Chancellor positions. Voting Members may also use the write-in method to nominate candidates of their choice. For write-in candidates to appear on the ballot, each of the nominations shall be supported by a nominating petition signed by at least 15 voting Members and shall be presented to the Nominating Committee not less than 45 days before the Annual Meeting.

Not less than one month before the Annual Meeting, the Nominating Committee shall distribute ballots to all voting Members. Ballots shall be completed and submitted to the Nominating Committee at least two weeks before the Annual Meeting.

The results of the vote shall be announced at the Annual Meeting.

The nominees who receive the most votes cast shall be elected. A tie shall be resolved by a vote of the Board of Chancellors. The term of office of each individual shall begin at the conclusion of said Annual Meeting.

Other details regarding the administration of College elections shall be at the discretion of the Board.

(C) Term of Office
1. Members of the Board of Chancellors shall be elected to serve a term of four (4) years. A member of the Board of Chancellors, if nominated and elected, may serve more than one term.
2. A Chancellor or officer who is absent from two (2) consecutive Board Meetings or fails to attend two (2) of three (3) consecutive Board meetings without the express permission of the President, must be reappointed or replaced by the Nominating committee and re-elected to the Board of Chancellors by the general membership in order to retain his or her seat on the Board.