New Practitioners

Within the first eight years post-residency, you face unique challenges during your transition as a junior attending. The ACRO New Practitioner Committee is here to equip you with the information, guidance, and mentor-ship you need to help make this transition a successful one.

  • Complimentary registration to participate in the ACRO business basics webinar lecture series designed to enhance your understanding of billing and coding compliance issues as it relates to your current practice
  • Free participation at the annual new practitioner forum designed to give you one on one time with experts in the academic and private practice setting to answer your questions about successful practice building,
  • Several didactics at the annual meeting to foster your professional development,
  • Opportunity to serve in leadership roles within ACRO, including serving on our existing new practitioner committee or many other committees within ACRO,
  • Opportunity to be designated as a AMA young physician representative, and
  • Opportunity to maintain your board certification status by participating in CME and SAMs.

Did you know that ACRO dues for new practitioners are 20% less than ASCO, 24% less than ACR, and 44% less than ASTRO for your first five years of practice?

ACRO New Prac Dues Comparison Chart 061616



If you are interested in becoming a resident mentor, fill out the form.

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