Become a Resident Mentor

ACRO’s program provides a unique opportunity for residents and attendings from around the country to be matched together. A link to the survey for both attendings is available below. This questionnaire helps our team better understand your personal interests and goals in a mentorship relationship. Based on these responses, mentors and mentees may be paired based on any number of commonalities – academics, private practice, disease site, treatment techniques, geography, or any other shared passion. Once assigned, we will facilitate arranging a one-on-one meeting at the annual ASTRO and ACRO conferences with you and your resident. We believe these relationships are mutually beneficial and allow for an important dialogue between trainees and practitioners. For residents in particular, it provides a means to ask questions, find new research initiatives, or simply network beyond the reach of their home institution. For the mentor, it offers you the opportunity to help the next generation achieve success in their career, and strengthen your own relationship with ACRO.

If you are interested in becoming an ACRO Mentor, fill out our application form.