ACRO 2015 Selected Presentations

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The Dr. Luther Brady Lecture
The Evolution of Specialties: Where Medical Specialties Come From and How They Live, Die and Change
Anthony Zietman, MD
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Glioblastoma and Gliosarcoma
Brian Kavanagh, MD, MPH
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Debate: Radiation De-Escalation with HPV
For: Sue Yom, MD, PhD Against: David Brizel, MD
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T4 Surgery vs Radiation Panel Discussion
Jonathon Beitler, MD and Theodoros Teknos, MD
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Debate: Esophageal Cancer
Ravi Shridhar, MD, PhD and Michael Haddock, MD
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Debate: Rectal Cancer
William Regine, MD and Brian Czito, MD
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Choosing the Best Treatment Options for Low Risk, Early Stage Patients with Breast Cancer
Bruce Haffty, MD
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