Ballot Information on Nominees for ACRO Chancellor (New) (2017-2021)

Steven Eric Finkelstein, MD

Dr. Finkelstein matriculated in a combined medical degree program when he was 16, and graduated cum laude from Michigan in 1997. His initial advanced oncologic training was at the National Cancer Institute in Surgical Oncology and Immunotherapy. Dr. Finkelstein has published journal articles and book chapters resulting in 5000+ reference citations. Recognizing the impact he could have as a radiation oncologist, Dr. Finkelstein joined Moffitt Cancer Center completing chief residency and 21st Century Oncology as National Director of Translational Research. After bridging gaps for patients in clinical trial availability in community oncology settings, he became Chief Science Officer in 2014.   He has received numerous awards across specialties including 2015 ACRO highest-rated-abstract. He serves as co-Chair NRG-Immunotherapy-Committee, Chair SWOG-Radiation-STG-Committee, editor ASCO Publications, and Editor-In-Chief Contemporary Radiation Oncology.

Dr. Finkelstein’s Statement
Having spent the first half of my professional career in academia and the second in private practice, and having dealt with the legislature and with industry on a daily basis gives me a unique perspective of the status of the profession to serve ACRO members better to face an ever-changing environment. My career in multiple oncologic arenas has given me broad personal exposure to radiation oncology, immunotherapy, surgical oncology, and medical oncology, with a unique prospective on multidisciplinary integration. I am fortunate to be at the forefront of our specialty on the confluence of the immune system and radiotherapy; this work seeks to enlighten us and expand indications for radiotherapy.  Key priorities for the Board are threefold: facilitate awareness of limitations of current practices; determine key questions that need to be answered; and build toward an environment where all can do the work much needed by our patients.  I submit my candidacy to you, the members of ACRO, for election to the Board of Chancellors, to help forge our future together.

Jaroslaw Hepel, MD, FACRO

Dr. Jarek Hepel serves as Director of Stereotactic Radiosurgery at Rhode Island Hospital in Providence, RI and Assistant Professor at The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. Dr. Hepel received his undergraduate degree at Cornell University and medical degree at the University of Rochester. He completed internal medicine residency at the University of California Irvine Medical Center, and then went on to complete residency in radiation oncology at Tufts Medical Center in Boston, MA. Dr. Hepel has particular interests in the treatment of breast cancer and the use of SRS/SBRT for various body sites.  Dr. Hepel has been an active member and supporter of ACRO. He has served as reviewer and Disease Site Team Leader in Breast Cancer in the ACRO Accreditation Program for the past 6 years. Starting in fall of 2015, he has led the Accreditation Program as Medical Director maintaining high quality standards and improving the program.

Dr. Hepel’s Statement
“ACRO strives to ensure the highest quality for radiation therapy patients and promotes success in the practice of radiation oncology through education, responsible socioeconomic advocacy, and integration of science and technology in the clinical practice.” I whole-heartedly support this mission statement and will work to continue to achieve it. The practice of radiation oncology is continually undergoing changes both from favorable forces such as advancement in technology and medical knowledge as well as unfavorable forces such as growing economic pressures and changing medical re-embarrassment landscape. Through ACRO, I seek to actively address these challenges with the goals of maintaining the health of our specialty and helping guide members to maintain high quality and productive clinical practices.

Dwight E. Heron, MD, FACRO

Dr. Heron, an ACRO Fellow, received his MD from the University of Rochester in 1995, and completed his residency training at the Bodine Center for Radiation Therapy at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in 2000.  He is chairman of radiation oncology at UPMC Shadyside, vice chairman of radiation oncology at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, director of Radiation Oncology Services at UPMC Cancer Center, professor of radiation oncology and otolaryngology, head and neck surgery and professor of clinical and translational science at the University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine.  Dr. Heron specializes in stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS), stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR), high-dose rate brachytherapy, intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), intraoperative radiotherapy, and interstitial hyperthermia.  He currently leads the largest academic-radiation oncology program in the United States and has expanded the reach to include active programs delivering state of the art cancer care in Ireland and Italy.  His newest project involves the creation of a world-class cancer program in Kazakhstan as a public-private partnership with the government.

Dr. Heron’s Statement

I am a long-time member of the American College of Radiation Oncology and my service to ACRO has included: membership on the Annual Meeting Scientific Program Committee for two years; presenter at the Residency Educational Program and Annual Meeting; ACRO Accreditation Head & Neck Disease Site Team Leader; Scientific Presenter at the Annual Meeting; Member of the Economics Committee.  I will work to further enhance the work of the ACRO Board in representing the breadth and depth of academic and community radiation oncology interests as we face great opportunities in a rapidly changing healthcare landscape.