Becoming a Fellow of the College (FACRO)

2019 Fellows inducted at the Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL

ACRO members have the opportunity to become a Fellow of the American College of Radiation Oncology (FACRO).

For existing ACRO Members seeking elevation to Fellowship, a minimum of 10 years consecutive membership of this College is expected before nomination. The candidate must also demonstrate meritorious service to the College such as active service on a College committee, serving as an ACRO liaison to another society, or serving on an accreditation board/council.

Accelerated Fellowship is available after five years for those who have demonstrated extraordinary service to the College.

For details, please click on the Criteria for Fellowship document link below.

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Questions? Email our office at info@acro.org or call 206-956-3642.

The following ACRO members have been inducted as Fellows:
Andre Abitol, MD
Mark Alden, MD
Beatriz Amendola, MD
Thomas Anderson, DO
Mitchell Anscher, MD
V. Arterbery, MD
Sucha Asbell, MD
Sanjeev Bahri, MD
Jerry Barker, MD
Parul Nafees Barry, MD
D. Bendre, MD, MS
David Beyer, MD
Randy Blackburn, DO, MBA
Tarlton Blair, PhD, MD
Luther Brady, MD
Omer Lee Burnett, III, MD
Stuart L. Byer, MD
Richard Byrnes, MD
Thomas Canty, MD
David Catalano, MD
Arnab Chakravarti, MD
Jo Ann Chalal, MD
Alex Chen, MD
Christopher Chen, MD
Luci Chen, MD
Judy Chin, MD
Tae Chung, MD
Michael Chuong, MD
Douglas Ciuba, MD
Henry Cline, MD
Gregory Cotter, MD
Wayne Court, PhD, MD
James Currier, MD
Frank Dancuart, MD
Mark D’Andrea, MD
Kishore Dass, MD
D. Jeffrey Demanes, PhD, MD
Richard Deming, MD
Richard Diaz, MD
Stephen Dick, MD
Gregg Dickerson, MD
Michael Dobelbower, MD, PhD
Daniel Dosoretz, MD
Morteza Dowlatshahi, MD
Joanne Dragun, MD
Jason A. Efstathiou, MD, DPhil
John Einck, MD
Bahman Emami, MD
Kirsten Erickson, MD
Steven J. Feigenberg, MD
Eduardo Fernandez, MD, PhD
Steven Finkelstein, MD
Dwight Fitch, MD
James Flynn, MD
Thomas Fogel, MD
Gregory Fortier, MD
Patrick Francke, MD
Alex Frank, MD
Gregg Franklin, MD, PhD
Arthur Frazier, MD
John Funke, MD
Dennis Galinsky, MD
Peter Garrett, MD
Scott Gasiorek, MD
Geoffrey Geiger, MD
James Giebink, MD
Arve Gillette, MD
Robert Goebel, MM, JD, MD
Nanialei Golden, MD
Joel Greenberger, MD
Steven Gregoritch, MD
N. Calvin Han, MD
Lowndes Harrison, MD
Mary Hebert, MD
William Helvie, MD
Jaroslaw Hepel, MD
Dwight Heron, MD
Steven Hightower, MD
Lawrence Hochman, DO
Jack Hong, MD
Shane Hopkins, MD
David Hurst, MD, DMD
Audrey V. Hyde, RT(T)(ARRT)
Tahir Ijaz, MD
Christopher D. Jahraus, MD
Joseph Jenrette, MD
Mark Jones, MD
Nadeem Khan, DHA, MS
Randy Kahn, MD
James Kane, Jr., MD
Michael Katin, MD
Sanford Katz, MD
Nathan Kaufman, MD
Seth A. Kaufman, MD
Guy Kedziora, MD
Jason Kehrer, MD
Joan Keit, MD
Andrew Kennedy, MD
J. Michael Kerley, MD
Kevin Kerlin, MD
Timothy L. Kerwin, MD
Mohamed Khan, MD
Mohammad Khan, PhD, MD
Shiv Khandelwal, MD
James Kinard, PhD, MD
Thomas Jacob Klein, MD, PhD
Lawrence Kleinberg, MD
Gordon Koltis, MD
John Kresl, MD, PhD
Michael Kuettel, PhD, MD
Anand Kuruvilla, MD
Brian E. Lally, MD
Kenneth Lam, MD
Michael Lambo, MD
Frank Lamm, MD
Steven Lau, MD
Joshua David Lawson, MD
Tony T. Lee, MD
Steven Lester, MD
Kathryn Lewis, MD
Ying Li, MD, PhD
Vasudha Lingareddy, MD
Jay Locke, MD
Ricardo Lopez-Mujica, MD
Ronald Lutsic, DO
John Lynch, DO
Heath Mackley, MD
Gregory E. Madison, MS
Gregory Maggass, MD
Patrick Maguire, MD
R. Mantravadi, MD
Michael Marchese, MD
Alvaro Martinez, MD
John Marvel, MD
Gina J. Mansy, MD
Bruce McAllister, MD, MS
James McGee, MD
AnnaLiisa McGlinn, MD
Abdon Medina, MD
Gerald Medwick, DO
Apryl Mensah, MD
Ruby Meredith, MD, PhD
Janet Merfeld, MD
Bruce Merwin, MD
John Mignano, PhD, MD
Harry Moyses, MD
Arno Mundt, MD
Suneel Nagda, MD
Ranjeev Nanda, MD
Ernest Ngo, MD
Louis Novak, MD
William Noyes, MBA, MD
David Owens, MD
Laeton Pang, MD
Ishmael Parsai, PhD
Shyam Paryani, MD
Shilpen Patel, FACRO, MD
Pradip Pathare, MD
Claudia Perez-Tamayo, MD
Bruce Phillips, MD
Brian A. Plants, MD
Dheerendra Prasad, MD
Farida Rajput, MD
Susan Rakfal, MD
Nilam Ramsinghani, MD
Yallapragada Rao, MD
William Rate, MD, PhD
Sarada Reddy, MD
Sheila Rege, MD
William Regine, MD
Sidney Roberts, MD
Lane Rosen, MD
Alfred Rosenbaum, MD
Robert Rostock, MD
James Rubenstein, MD
John Russell, MD
Jose Santana-Rabell, MD
Paul Schilling, MD
Alvin Schlichtemeier, MD
Philip Schneider, MD
Gary Schreiber, MD
Jessica Schuster, MD
James Schwade, MD
Donald Schwarz, MD
Carol Scicutella, DO
Granger Scruggs, MD
Hemangini Shah, DO
Navesh Sharma, PhD, DO
John Shaw, MD
David Sherr, MD
Sunderam Shetty, MD
Reza Shirazi, MD, EE
Lawrence Shombert, MD
Claudio Sibata, PhD
Khalid Siddiqui, MD
Charles B. Simone, II, MD
Michael Skowronski, MS
William Small, Jr., MD
Damon Smith, MD
T. Spencer, MD
John Spera, MD
Jerome Spunberg, MD
John Stamato, MPA, MD
John Steel, MD
James Stevens, MD
Gordon Stillie, MBA, DO
Thomas Stoffel, MD
Steven Stokes, MD
Andy Su, MD
Srinath Sundararaman, MS, MD
A.M. Nisar Syed, MD
Eric Taylor, MD
John Taylor, MD
Michael Taylor, MD
Bin Teh, MD
Harish Thakrar, MD
John Thomas, MD
Charles Thomas II, MD
Tarita O. Thomas, MD, PhD, MBA
Alfred Tinger, MD
William Tomlinson, MD
Mark Trombetta, MD
Jefferson Trupp, MD
Ali Tunio, MD, PhD
Isaac Vaisman, MD
Michael Van Tuyl, MD
Waseet Vance, MD
Phillip Vigneri, DO
Maria Vlachaki, MD, PhD
David Wahl, MD
Paul Wallner, DO
David Wazer, MD
Georg Weidlich, PhD
Stephanie E. Weiss, MD
James S. Welsh, MS, MD
Alexander Whitley, MD, PhD
J. Ben Wilkinson, MD
Barry Wilcox, MD
Patrick A. Williams, MD
Harvey Wolkov, MD
Catheryn Yashar, MD
Mohammed Zahra, MD
Kenneth Zeitzer, MD