Scientific Program Committee

The purpose of the Scientific Program Committee is to select the CME eligible sessions at the annual Radiation Oncology Summit, ACRO’s annual meeting. The committee also decides on the meeting’s theme, selects the abstract presentations at the meeting, and recommends a speaker/honoree for the annual Luther Brady Lecture.

The committee is limited to two co-chairs and nine committee members, chosen by the ACRO President. All radiation oncology committee members must be members of ACRO to participate on the committee.

2020 Annual Meeting Leadership:

  • Jason Efstathiou, MD, D.Phil, Chair
  • Parul Barry, MD, Co-Chair
  • Brian Lally, MD, Co-Chair

Committee Members:

  • Michael Chuong, MD
  • Courtney Hentz, MD
  • Brian Lally, MD
  • Shannon MacDonald, MD
  • Brandi Page, MD
  • Charles Simone, MD
  • Tarita Thomas, MD
  • Stephanie Weiss, MD
  • Valerie Brown, Community Health Network