Government Relations & Economics

ACRO's Government Relations and Economics Committee met in Orlando Florida in March 2019

Purpose: To track Medicare, Medicaid, and Insurance initiatives that affect reimbursement.

  • Lobby for position in legislative process
  • Monitor changes in CPT codes
  • Monitor state carrier policies
  • Establish compliance programs to avoid fraud and abuse

Dr. Dwight Heron and Dr. Charles Thomas


Dr. Christopher Chen
Dr. Anupriya Dayal
Dr. Dennis Galinsky
Dr. Arve Gillette
Dr. Nevine Hanna
Dr. Chris Jahraus
Dr. Mark Jones
Dr. Tony Lee
Dr. Jay Locke
Dr. Zach Lopater
Dr. AnnaLiisa McGlinn
Dr. Bill Noyes
Dr. Ernest Ngo
Dr. Laeton Pang
Dr. Sheila Rege
Dr. Terence Roberts
Dr. Jack Steel
Dr. Andy Su
Dr. Tarita Thomas
Dr. Paul Wallner
Dr. Harvey Wolkov
Dr. Cate Yashar

Staff:  Jason McKittrick of Liberty Partners.

To contact the GREC, please email the ACRO office:  or phone 206-956-3650 and the office team will put you in touch.