ACRO Membership Committee

Mission Statement: The ACRO Membership Committee will exist to perform a number of functions:

  • Facilitate and ensure the continued enrollment of new and current members of ACRO
  • Provide innovative ways to expedite the membership and meeting process
  • Provide active advice and effort in ongoing recruitment programs
  • Develop and review continuing ACRO programs designed to enhance the professional benefits of ACRO to its members
  • Oversee ACRO web operations
  • Review and develop membership criteria for the different ACRO membership categories as appropriate
  • Coordinate with other ACRO standing committees in areas of multiple committee participation

Chair:  Parul N. Barry, MD, FACRO
Co-Chair:  J. Ben Wilkinson, MD, FACRO

Mona Arbab, MD
Sucha Asbell, MD, FACRO
Cynthia Ballenger, MD
Michael Bernstein, MD
Avinash Chaurasia, MD
Judy Chin, MD, FACRO
Anupriya Dayal, MD
William Decker, MD
Sophia Edwards-Bennett, MD, PhD
Ashlyn Everett, MD
Andrew Figura, MD
Comron Hassanzadeh, MD
Adrianna Henson Masters, MD
Thomas Klein, MD, FACRO
Lawrence Kleinberg, MD, FACRO
Josh Lawson, MD, FACRO
Edward Lee, DO
Virginia Osborn, MD
Brian Plants, MD, FACRO
Dominique Rash, MD
Amit Shah, MD
Charles Simone, MD, FACRO
Mark Sittig, MD
Jim Stevens, MD, FACRO
Kenneth Zeitzer, MD, FACRO