Board of Chancellors

Office & Board Members

Eduardo Fernandez, MD, PhD, FACRO
Sheila Rege, MD, FACRO
Joanne Dragun, MD, FACRO
Vice President
 William Noyes, MD, MBA, FACRO
Steven Eric Finkelstein, MD, FACRO
Board Member
Jaroslaw T. Hepel, MD
Board Member

Dwight Heron, MD, FACRO
Board Member

Shane Hopkins, MD, FACRO
Board Member
Charles Thomas II, MD, FACRO
Board Member 
Catheryn Yashar, MD, FACRO
Board Member
Arve Gillette, MD, FACROArve Gillette, MD, FACRO
Board Member


  • ACRO Councilor to the ACR Council
    James Welsh, MD, FACRO
  • ACRO Alternate Councilor to the ACR Council
    Harvey Wolkov, MD, FACRO
  • ACRO Delegate to the AMA House of Delegates
    Dennis Galinsky, MD, FACRO
  • ACRO Alternate to the AMA House of Delegates
    Mohamed Khan, MD, FACRO
  • Legal Counsel
    Andrew L. Woods, JD
  • Executive Director
    Delphi Locey