About ACRO

The College is managed by a volunteer Board of Chancellors elected by the membership and guided by the By-laws. The Board consists of 11 elected Chancellors made up of the Chair, the President (Chair Elect), the Vice-President (President Elect), the Secretary-Treasurer, the three (3) Chairs of select ACRO Standing Committees (Governmental & Economic Affairs Committee, Standards Committee, and Membership Committee), and four (4) At-large members of the Board. The Board meets twice each year, at the Annual Meeting and at a mid-year meeting in October. The Executive Committee meets monthly by telephone conference call.

Elections are held annually prior to the College’s Annual Meeting. Each chancellor serves a 4-year term but not more than two consecutive terms. The chief executive officer of the College is the President of the College who automatically ascends to the position of Chairman.

Programming is by committees whose members are appointed by the Board of Chancellors. The Board of Chancellors adheres to guidelines of tenure for committee personnel to ensure periodic rotation. The Board of Chancellors, through a contract with an association management company (Cobbe Consulting & Management), is supported by an Executive Director who, with other assigned staff members, is responsible for all functions related to management direction, administrative services, membership administration, publications, conference management, financial management, continuing medical education, and committee support. The strength of the College lies in the careful appointment of committees for the varied assignments and in the broad participation of ACRO Logomembers in the educational activities.