Resident GROW Scholarship


Global Radiation Oncology Workforce (GROW) Scholarships


To broaden awareness and support for cancer education and treatment in developing countries, the ACRO Board of Chancellors and supporters of the College have dedicated funding to enable international travel to assist in radiation oncology related outreach.

We encourage applicants who are interested in clinical rotations in developing countries, particularly to observe variations in patient care and resource utilization. New this year, we have several contacts available to help streamline the process of getting involved in a clinical rotation abroad. These include opportunities in Botswana, India, Mexico, and Costa Rica, however applicants are also welcome to propose additional locations.

Scholarship Details

  • ACRO will provide $2,000 per travel grant for radiation oncology residents or young practitioners.
  • The cost of travel and lodging may exceed the scholarship amount. In this case, additional expenses will be the responsibility of the scholarship recipient.
  • Written certification of ability to travel by a resident’s Graduate Medical Education Office and chairman/program director is required.
  • For those selected to receive the ACRO GROW Scholarship, individual travel and medical-evacuation insurance are required prior to distribution of funds.
  • Final acceptance and disbursement of funds is subject to review by ACRO.


Applicants should be driven to provide meaningful outreach and humanitarian support to the destination program, clinic, or institution.  Applicants interested in the Radiating Hope expedition will be required to work on a collaborative project that will advance cancer care. Further details are provided within application materials. Learn more at Radiating Hope’s website.

The application form will be available on this page by early January 2020. 

Prior Winners

2019: David Asher, MD, University of Miami

2019: Courtney Hentz, MD, Loyola

2019 (but deferring her award): Melody Xu, UCSF

2018: Shekinah Elmore, MD

2018: Prashant Gabani, MD

2018: Lauren Kropp, MD

2017: Lindsay Puckett, MD

2016: Shefali Gajjar, MD

2016: Chika Nwachukwu, MD, PhD

2016: Adam Olson, MD

2015: Sanjay Maraboyina, MD

2015: Debra Yeboa, MD

2015: Michael Scott, MD